Friday, January 27, 2012

Love's Labours Won: The Stone Chronicles #1 (Book Review)

Title: Love's Labours Won
Author: S.G. Lee
Series: The Stone Chronicles
Source: from author for review

Goodreads Summary:
Sarah is a young single woman in dire straits. Her rent is due, she was fired from her last job and she has no family to turn to. So she accepts the fateful offer of a mysterious job interview, which turns out to be a ruse to steal gifts that she never even realized she had. As she set upon this journey Sarah will discover a world of magic, mystery and the supernatural. As Sarah learns about this new world she is exposed to adventure, danger and intrigue...and romance in the form of the mysterious Demetrious Blackstone. All the while Sarah must learn to control her gifts and suppress her own demons to defeat the perils that await her. Only then can she discover her inner voice and follow her own path that will lead to the true love she knows she deserves.

I'm not going to lie, if I hadn't promised to review this book, I would have put it down within the first few pages. And honestly I wish I had. There might be a good story idea here but the book is so hard to read that I could barely follow it. There are typos on just about every page. It switches back and forth from first to second person with seemingly no reason and switches between the present and past tense so often, many time in the middle of a sentence, that the story is hard to follow.
In between re-reading sentences over and over again, trying to figure out what it was supposed to say, I lost the meaning of them altogether. I was forced to stop on almost every page to figure out whether I was supposed to be reading in first or second person and in present or past tense.
I think that I like the idea of the story, but the telling of it needs so much work that it is nearly impossible to tell.

Rating: 1/5

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