Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Cow (Book Review)

Title: Black Cow
Author: Magdalena Ball
Source: from author for review
Publisher: Bewrite Books

Goodreads Summary: 
Freya and James Archer live the high life in a luxury home in Sydney’s poshest suburb, with money, matching Jags, two beautiful teenage kids … and they couldn’t be more despondent. 
James wakes weeping each morning, dreading the pressures of a long and grueling work day ahead, and Freya is struggling with her foundering real estate career. 

Global recession is biting in Australia, and the Archers are afraid. 

In a desperate bid for happiness and security they shed the fragile trappings of success and cruise over into the slow lane to take an unmapped turn-off on a country road and live off the land in a remote old farmhouse on the peaceful southern island of Tasmania. 

But is this an end to their old misery or the beginning of an even greater one?

This book is a wonderful portrayal of a family trying to make it through the recession. But more importantly this books is an honest and amazing story of how stress can tear a family apart. From the very beginning Freya and James as well as their children feel like real people, and people that I think most of us can relate to in one way or another. Their family is far from perfect but not tragically flawed which is so important because it portrays the way a lot of families function.
Moving from Sydney to a farm in Tasmania is a major change for the whole family. But the happily ever after doesn't end there, far from it. Changing where you live doesn't make your problems go away. And so, after moving, they are forced to face the really tough issues.
The book progresses slowly which made it take me a long time to read, but I'm so glad that stuck with it because it really is an amazing story about stress.

Rating: 4/5

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